Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock

Conexis L1 Phone app

Yale Conexis L1 Keyless Locking

The Yale Conexis L1 Keyless Locking System is ideal for retro fit and is engineered for easy installation – it only takes a screwdriver, smartphone and 20 minutes.

With the Conexis L1 the customers smartphone is now their key. Using the smartphone app the customer is able to send mobile keys – giving access for a few weeks or hours (5 mobile keys are included). The app also gives the peace of mind of knowing who is home – customers receive a notification when keys are used. Key cards, key tags and phone tags are also available and, along with mobile keys, can be revoked in an instant.

The Yale Conexis L1 is powered by 4 x AA batteries and gives a warning when they are running low. In the event of flat batteries a 9v battery connection port can be used to power the Keyless locking system.

It has a tamper alarm which deters potential intruders with a loud alarm and has a three minute lock out if an incorrect card tag is presented five times.


Product details and specifications

Access Control Options


• Phone App
• Key Card
• Key Tag
• Phone Tag

Key Features


• Suitable for Aluminium, Composite, PVC or Timber doors
• Fits all 92mm centred multi-point locks
• Send and receive Yale Mobile Keys
• Battery Operated – low power comsumption, batteries last up to 1 year
• Low battery indicator with emergency battery connection
• All credentials and settings remain if batteries are replaced
• Configure the lock using the Yale app
• Set user schedules (Yale Mobile Keys Only)
• Receive audit trails (Yale Mobile Keys Only)

Guarantees and Performance


• PAS 24 compliant
• 2 Year Guarantee
• IP55 weather resistant



The Conexis L1 connects with Yale‘s Smart Alarm and CCTV range as well as other leading Smart Home Systems.