Smart Access Control Systems

Motorised multipoint locking for all applications supported by radio access control systems

The FUHR multitronic 881 offers one of the most cutting-edge locking systems in its class. Whether for a house or apartment building, care home or public building – multitronic 881 is always the first choice.


Securing homes for your peace of mind


Almost half of burglaries occur during the day

Many people don’t know that an alarmingly high level of burglaries occur in broad daylight. Thieves are very aware that many entrance doors are not locked at all or sufficiently during the day.

This is not a problem with the multitronic 881; it automatically locks the door to the maximum level of security every time the door is closed. Not only is this very convenient and allows occupants to feel secure in their homes.

Unbeatable speed, reliability and versatility

The multitronic offers trouble free functionality having surpassed durability tests with more than 200,000 test cycles. Power failure is not a concern as the lock can always be operated with a key. Numerous tests have confirmed a consistently high locking force, depending on the locking type, system tests can be carried out to EN 1627 class 4 resistance.

The secure way to save energy. The locking system for every season

The multitronic 881 supports energy saving as it keeps closing pressure consistently high across the entire height of the door, for lasting compression and minimum warpage. Heat remains inside the building and air-conditioned air does not escape.


State of the art access control components for outstanding convenience

Intelligent control technology for all system requirements. Convenient opening by radio signal.

In addition to the radio keys supplied as standard, further radio-based control systems are available to meet users increasing need for convenience in every aspect of their lives.

The radio fingerprint scanner, the radio keypad and the radio transponder offer effortless keyless operation while meeting the very highest security standards – making bulky bunches of keys a thing of the past.

The intelligent SmartConnect easy access control system allows users to open doors with a smart phone or tablet.

SmartTouch comfort offers pioneering technology which, with an active transponder in the user’s pocket, allows entry by simply touching a sensor.