FUHR multitronic 881 Door Lock Kit

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FUHR multitronic 881 Door Lock Kit

Fully motorised multipoint locking system for any type of door

Electric, motorised multipoint locking system with integrated panic function suitable for aluminium, timber, composite or PVCu main entrance doors in residential and non-residential buildings.

All locking parts automatically extend and engage when the door is closed, including the deadbolt. The door is opened from the inside by either lever handle or panic push bar. From the outside the door is opened either via access control system (radio key, fingerprint scanner, transponder or keypad) or by the free movement cylinder in the case of power failure.


The sophisticated system for all eventualities

The multitronic 881 is always the first choice, its intelligent technology and modular system are versatile and suitable for many applications. The standard kit includes all required system components, all ready to connect and all concealed into the door frame and sash. This allows manufacturers to supply a door where the function has been fully tested ready to install and connect by a qualified electrician.

The modular format with individual components is ideally suited to implementing project specific requirements. It is perfect for integrating into existing buildings. All system components are effortless to fit and the electrical installation is very straightforward. Adding further functions later on is also no problem. We offer bespoke solutions for a vast variety of requirements, please enquire for more information.


Product details and specifications

Door Lock Specification


Locking types:

  • Type 11 – 2 steel hook bolts, 4 round bolts, latch and deadbolt
  • Type 3 – 2 steel hook bolts, latch and deadbolt

Faceplate options: Flat 16, 20 and 24mm or U-Rail 22 x 6, 24 x 6 and 24 x 6.7mm

Surface finishes: FUHR Silver and stainless steel options

Backsets: 35, 40, 45 and 55mm

Followers: 8/9mm with option of split spindle

Handle centres: PZ 92mm

Testing and Accreditation


Emergency exit or panic doors: EN 179 and EN 1125

ift certification scheme for multipoint locking systems (QM 342)

Fire resistance to EN 1634-1

Burglar resistance to EN 1627 up to RC4

Electromechanically operated locks – EN 14846

Technical requirements of multipoint locking systems to DIB 18251/3 up to class 4

Splash and dust resistance to EN 60529 – IP 54

Temperature – EN 1121

Electromagnetic compatibility – EN 61000

VDE test of electrical controls – EN 60730

User tests of the German Association for Gerontechnology (GGT)

Easy installation


The multitronic kits are supplied with a full installation and maintenance guide specific to your project requirements, including door profile specific cut out templates.

The complete kit can be supplied including lock, motorised drive mechanism, accessory components and chosen access control system. The components are pre-assembled with plug-in connections to simplify fitting.


It doesn’t get any easier than this. Convenient opening by Radio Signal.

Where a radio signal is needed to open the door, this patented radio module, which plugs conveniently onto the motorised drive mechanism, is all that is required. A separate control unit is not necessary. It is compatible with all FUHR access control systems, demonstrating once again how smart technology can make for blissfully easy operation. Alternatively the multi-functional control unit is supplied as standard. The control box option is ideal for retrofitting.

control Switch

Control switch for special functions

control Switch

multi-functional control unit with control switch and pre-assembled cables

control Switch

Control box

The Complete Kit at a Glance

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Spring Loaded Contacts

Providing wireless power and data transfer between the frame and sash components, including multi-functional jack for connection to the motor. The concealed solution, with no visible cable run, not only means that cable snagging is impossible between the door and sash, but the durability is significantly improved due to 3 non-wearing spring loaded contacts.

control Switch

Radio Keys

All kits are supplied with 3 keys included – 1 programing and 2 user radio keys. Replay attacks of the radio signal are prevented due to rolling- code technology which changes the code each time a radio signal is transmitted.

The keys are designed with 3 channels, which if required, will allow integration with garages and driveway gates.

control Switch

Plug-in connectors

All components are pre-assembles with cable connections and simple plug-in connectors. They are twist proof, self-securing and shock-resistant.

control Switch

Concealed transformer in frame

No bulky power transformer to conceal with the multitronic 881, the profile specific design fits into the door frame, out of sight. Fully VDE tested with the case fully sealed for maximum safety the transformer offers:

  • Input 230v AV/ output 12v DC
  • Output current: 2A at 100% duty cycle 3A at 5% duty cycle
control Switch

Installation and Maintenance Instructions

Detailed installation, operating and maintenance instructions including profile-specific cut out template and details on how to program access control accessories.

Also included is contact grease for applying to the contact surfaced on the spring-loaded power transfer.

control Switch

Cable guide plates

Cable guide plates are supplied to prevent potential cable damage during fixing. Cover plates with angled camps conceal all wiring for a clean, attractive rebate. Rubber protective bushes cover any sharp-edged drill holes.

control Switch

multi-functional control unit

Slim and stylish design which wouldn’t look out of place on any high-end door style, the control unit has been designed to sit within the door frame and avoid internal hinges.

Featuring visual locking status indicator, the control unit can be used to control any function as it include inputs and outputs for the following as standard:

  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Building management systems
  • Tamper signal for alarm systems
  • Electronic deactivation of access control systems for alarm systems
  • Control pulse for electrical swing door openers
  • Day latch function/permanent open function
The multitronic range is extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit a full range of applications.

A wide variety of components can be connected directly to the multi-functional jack located on the motorised drive mechanism. Potential-free (isolated) and powered inputs as standard as well as a fused 350mA output offer the possibility of connecting access control systems or building management systems. Please discuss your project requirements in more detail, call 01733 393330.

control Switch

Optimised cable guides

Cable guide plates prevent potential cable damage during fixing and should always be used as advised in the instruction manual. Cover faceplates with angled caps conceal all wiring for a clean, attractive rebate. While rubber protective brushes cover any sharp-edged drill holes.

Quality supplied as standard for a simple Plug and Play solution

Depending on the profile, individual or a one-piece keep plate including magnetic contact is supplied. The locking action is triggered by the detection of the magnet contact by the sensor on the motorised drive mechanism.

  • With integrated panic function for convenient and exceptionallysmooth handle opening
  • Premium quality steel deadbolt and latch

Patented Twin Motor

  • High performance transmission with two motorise drive mechanisms for fast, powerful locking and unlocking
  • Includes multi-functional jack with inputs and outputs for:
    • Access control systems such as transponders, fingerprint scanners, keypads etc.
    • 12V DC power supply for illuminated door panels, push plates, or access control systems